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What Is Speech Pathology?

The area of speech pathology Adelaide covers a broad range of specialties, including: pediatric; adolescent and young adult; gynecological; cardiology; and neonatology. Because these specialists deal with all types of disorders and diseases, there are several areas of specialisation within each specialty. Speech pathology can also specialise in other things as well. The most common things within the field of speech pathology are:


o Pediatric-specialised speech pathology Adelaide deals with diagnosing and treating autism, cerebral palsy, and other developmental disorders associated with speech production. Children with these conditions typically exhibit speech problems at birth or within the first two years of life. Speech therapists diagnose children’s speech abnormalities and help them acquire speech fluency. They may also treat children with the impediment of the vocal cords or those with difficult birth due to, e.g., Congenital Heart defect, Deafness.


o Adult-diagnosed adults with speech disabilities range from low verbal IQ (LDQ) to a more advanced dementia-like condition, Parkinson’s disease. Some of the speech therapy services offered by APT Adelaide include literacy assessments, articulation disorders, fluency improvement and symptom reporting. It is a very lucrative area with many job opportunities for professionals in this field.


o Occupational speech-language pathology (SLP) deals with diagnosing and treating disorders of the speech communication system. Some of these include articulation disorders, fluency dyspraxia or stuttering, and language pathology. It is a highly specialised area that requires a post-graduate education, and even then, it may not always lead to a career in the field. Occupational speech-language pathology careers include speech-language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OT), and clinicians specialising in SLP.


o Communicative or expressive language processing disorder (CLP) usually falls under reading and writing disabilities. However, it includes receptive language and other phonological processing disorders such as American sign language (ASL). For those with sensory language learning disorders, speech pathology Adelaide specialists can include them under CLP. In addition to reading and writing, these disorders can also have receptive language skills, oral motor skills, and facial expression. These professionals can treat such conditions as stuttering, dyspraxia, and cerebral palsy.


o SLP is the most widespread subcategory of SLP. It refers to stuttering, dyspraxia, and related disorders such as stammering. A speech pathology specialist can diagnose and treat these subtypes of SLP. In addition to treating stuttering, these professionals also help patients make milestones in reading and writing and help them with facial expressions.