Massage Parramatta

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                 Remedial Massage at home

    • Break the cycle of headaches
    • Have movement return to your stiff neck
    • Loose that lower back painwith a massage tailored to your needs, using a combination of Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports and swedish and remedial techniques.

      Relaxation/Swedish Massage at Home

      Swedish massage helps maintain muscles in an optimum state of nutrition, vitality and flexibility by relieving any muscle tightness and stiffness that restricts full movement. The techniques used in Swedish massage are designed to have a relaxing effect. It is a rhythmic and fairly superficial style and while the muscles are not worked too vigorously, great benefits to the body can still be felt. Swedish massage can relieve fatigue, reduce tension, calm the nervous system and promote relaxation to give you a sense of renewed energy.

      Sports Massage at Home

      Sports massage incorporates deep tissue work and muscle stretching to enhance athletic performance and helps to prevent new or reoccurring injuries. Massage improves circulation, which speeds up the removal of waste products that can cause muscular soreness. It brings oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to aid in repair and regeneration.

      The objective of Sports Massage is to assist in returning the athlete to their sport in the best possible condition, in the shortest possible time. Whether the injury is recent or a long standing problem, massage can help in rehabilitation to reduce the time for maximum recovery.

      Hot Stone Massage at Home

      Experience the ultimate, deeply calming effect of being massaged by oiled, warm stones and then feeling the stress melt away as more warm stones are placed on areas of tension.

      Be one of the very few to experience this bliss in the comfortable surroundings of your own home, as Hot Stone massage is rarely offered as a mobile service.

      Workplace and Event Massage

      Do you want to

    • Reward your staff
    • Boost team morale
    • Thank clients or customers

Our seated massage experience is unique and much appreciated way to do so. And as an                               added bonus, it is tax deductible for your business.