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Plumber – An Outsider in a High Paced World

In laymen’s terms, a plumber is an individual who performs a specialised job within the construction industry, especially in the plumbing sector. He can be considered as an intermediary or a link between the customer and contractor. Plumber Surrey Hills are skilled professionals who are well-trained in plumbing, including installation, maintenance, repair and installations of water pipes, drainage systems and other related plumbing equipment.

Plumber Surrey HillsPlumbing tasks performed by a Plumber Surrey Hills include installation of water pipes (e.g. supply & distribution, domestic and public baths, kitchens, laundry facilities, etc.), repair of defective plumbing fixtures (e.g. leaky faucets, obsolete and broken toilets, improper venting, etc. ), preparation of the site for installation of pipes, checking of the condition of the existing pipes and tools used to install them, training & development of new plumbing equipment, etc.

On the job training is another aspect of a plumber’s job profile that is critical. Plumbers, being persons who can handle large quantities of water and chemicals, require on-the-job training in handling these chemicals and water and handling faulty pipes. Plumbers should also be well-versed with emergency tactics to deal with unexpected incidents (e.g. sink leaks, water pipe bursts, etc.) and emergency response procedures.

In becoming a successful plumber, it is not enough to possess the necessary knowledge and practical experience. Plumbers should possess strong interpersonal skills, good communication skills, attention to detail, critical thinking capability, flexibility, self-confidence, excellent mathematical and reading skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset. All these qualities are required in a plumber’s work-related values.

The salary of plumbers varies depending on the type of services they render. Most residential plumbers earn from twenty-five to forty dollars per hour, while high-paying commercial plumbers may work up to one hundred dollars per hour. Residential plumbers may work in conjunction with sewer and drain cleaning services. They may work on small jobs such as installing bathroom faucets, fixing bathtub and shower caps, installing telephone lines, repairing bath showers and toilets, installing toilets, changing water pressure and handling city streets and roads.

Many plumbers also undertake repairs of water heating and plumbing equipment. They may fix faulty water pipes, repair appliances and repair leakages. Some of them even replace old and worn out household appliances. Plumber Surrey Hills can perform all of these services and more in a variety of plumbing areas.