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AEG Impact Wrench – One Electrician’s Choice

An AdelaideTools AEG impact wrench is a versatile electrician’s tool. AEG is the acronym for “air-compression unit.” It can be operated as an electric screwdriver as well. AEG is one of the best electric screwdrivers because it has numerous speed settings from a single speed to over one hundred and fifty speeds. There are even times when an AEG can operate like a pneumatic nail gun.

AdelaideTools aeg impact wrench This electrician’s tool has numerous positive aspects. The AEG can be used as both a wrench and a pneumatic nail gun. When not in use as either tool, this AEG has a retractable cable and spring-loaded strike cuffs. With a heavy-duty spring, this AEG can remove debris and nails quickly and with little effort. This spring-loaded cuff helps prevent electrical injuries.

If one is working in a power utility business, such as a home repair service or a window cleaning service, the AEG is an excellent item to own. The AEG can replace several other tools and equipment an electrician might have. Its compact size can easily be stored under one’s work truck or in a utility room.

This electrician’s tool has several positive aspects. It comes in a compact size and can easily fit under a utility cabinet or in a tool shed. Because of its spring-loaded clip, this tool is very convenient to use. It does not take long to put the AEG into place, and then it takes even less time to disassemble it when the job is complete. Many AEGs today are programmable. Some electricians may find this a great feature to have.

The AEG does have one negative aspect. It can cost an electrician nearly three hundred dollars to buy. Because of the cost involved, many electricians do not prefer to use this particular AEG. When an electrician uses this tool, he is using much more current than he normally would. For this reason, the use of this tool may not be appropriate for some applications.

Regardless of whether one chooses to own an AdelaideTools AEG impact wrench or not, it is always important to be educated about what should not be used when performing any electrical jobs. By educating oneself, an electrician can make sure that he or she never uses a tool or accessory that could be dangerous. Using a tool or accessory improperly can lead to serious injury. If an electrician is educated about the proper use of an AdelaideTools AEG impact wrench, they can avoid these kinds of problems.