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5 Best Formats of Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is currently one of the most effective methods for promoting products and services online. Facebook’s fan page feature is an effective marketing product, especially on popular sites. Facebook marketing is also a powerful platform that provides a wide range of highly effective paid ads and organic content, enabling brands to put up their products and services front and centre in front of their target audience. Facebook marketing isn’t just about large amounts of traffic, though, as the profile pages are an excellent place to build relationships with your customers, form lasting relationships and let users “like” your content so they can share it with friends.

#1 Facebook Marketing uses a wide range of ads, from text-based ads and image-based ads to a range of other formats, such as a carousel ad, which is a load when a user scrolls down an article blog page. Facebook has a wide range of different ad formats as well. The most popular forms being poll, gallery, and list selection. However, the key to success with Facebook marketing is getting as many people as possible to view your content, so it’s essential to experiment with all of these different formats to get the best results. Below are some of the most popular Facebook marketing ad formats, which you should be aware of:

Polls – This is one of Facebook’s most effective ad formats, mainly because they’re simple and provide an excellent chance to gain customer support. As previously mentioned, it’s important to gain customer support through Facebook, which will give you a much higher return on investment than if you had offered a product or service through a website. To increase customer support through Facebook, a simple poll can allow you to get your visitors’ opinions on your website and see what would interest them most. From here, you can then create customised adverts for more direct website traffic. You also have the opportunity to make minor tweaks to your poll questions and results, making this form one of Facebook’s most powerful forms of advertising.

Gallery – A gallery is Facebook’s answer to a static website. Not only do you get the chance to show off your portfolio to large audiences, but you also can attract highly targeted paid traffic. Unlike a poll, a gallery allows you to focus on one particular subject and build a more extensive fan base by displaying your work to a specific audience. While these formats are generally not highly targeted, they can be effective depending upon the subject, as a gallery will attract a particular niche audience.

Email Marketing – It’s widely accepted that email marketing and #1 Facebook Marketing are complimentary. You can use your Facebook and email marketing strategies in conjunction with each other, helping you increase traffic to your website and increase your organic reach. Email marketing allows you to offer highly targeted ads to those individuals who have shown an interest in your brand so long as they have opted in to receive your promotional emails. This is one of Facebook’s most powerful methods of organic reach and the biggest reason why email marketing is still such a popular and effective marketing strategy.

Social Media engagement: Facebook has a lot going for it to engage users and ensure that they return to your pages and regular updates. You can also encourage interaction within the comments section and chat areas. By offering comments and discussing your pages, you give those on your page the chance to engage with you and create a bond with those fans. A strong social media strategy will allow you to build a strong relationship with your audience, which is vital for developing long-term customer relationships.